Service Fees

Dental Services and Fixed Pricing

Fix Dental Mount Gravatt and Chermside provide an extensive range of dental services at low, fixed prices, with payment plans and options to suit your budget – so you can plan ahead and know what your dental treatment will cost without any surprises.

And, unlike many other dental practices, Fix Dental Brisbane offers a unique dental Member Program helping you to save even more on your dental treatments over the long term.

Dental Services
Check up and Clean (Xrays included)$179Up to $642
Consultation Only$80Up to $137
Hygiene only (Clean)$179
Emergency Dental Appointment Broken or Sore Tooth$199Up to $362
Emergency Dental Appointment Filling$199Up to $362
Emergency Dental Appointment Removal Of Tooth (excluding Wisdom Teeth Removal)$199Up to $612
Emergency Dental Appointment Root Canal Dressing$199Up to $612
TOOTH FILLING SERVICES (per tooth)Fixed Dental PriceOther Dentists*
One Surface$179Up to $180+
Two Surfaces$179Up to $200+
Three Surfaces$179Up to $230+
Four Surfaces$179Up to $290+
Five Surfaces$179Up to $350+
ROOT CANAL TREATMENTFixed Dental PriceOther Dentists*
Front Root Canal Cost$699Up to $978
Back Root Canal Cost$1,200 Up to $1406+
TOOTH EXTRACTIONS (Excluding Wisdom Teeth)Fixed Dental PriceOther Dentists*
Non-surgical$179Up to $291
Surgical$299Up to $595
WISDOM TEETH REMOVALFixed Dental PriceOther Dentists*
All four Wisdom Teeth$1,800 Up to $2,530
Single Wisdom Tooth$550Up to $595
PORCELAIN CROWNSFixed Dental PriceOther Dentists*
Standard Crowns$999Up to $1,998
Premium Crowns$1,298 Up to $1,998
DENTAL VENEERS - COMPOSITE RESINFixed Dental PriceOther Dentists*
Six Composite Dental Veneers$1,998 Up to $3,600
DENTAL VENEERS - PORCELAINFixed Dental PriceOther Dentists*
Six Porcelain Dental Veneers$5,994 Up to $10,824
Eight Porcelain Dental Veneers$7,992 Up to $14,432
ORTHODONTICSFixed Dental PriceOther Dentists*
Invisible Aligners$6,200 Up to $9,000
DENTAL IMPLANTSFixed Dental PriceOther Dentists*
Single Front Tooth Implant and Crown (no bone grafting)$4,799 Up to $7,175
Single Back Tooth Implant and Crown (no bone grafting)$3,999 Up to $6,000
Two implants and locators$5,500Up to $9,150
All-on-4 Dental Implants$19,900 Up to $30,300
All-on-6 Dental Implants$25,000 Up to $39,450
Premium Zirconia Implant Upgrade$7,000 Save Up to $1000's
DENTURESFixed Dental PriceOther Dentists*
Denture Repairs$250Save Up to $100's
Acrylic Partial Dentures$950Up to $1,330
Partial Chrome Dentures$1,500 Up to $2,200
Full Dentures - Single Arch$1,500 Up to $2,130
Full Dentures - Upper & Lower$2,800 Up to $4,000
Full Immediate Dentures - Per Arch with Reline$2,000 Up to $2,734
Copy Dentures - Per Arch$1,500 Up to $2,130
Implant Retained Dentures$2,500 Up to $5,000
TEETH WHITENINGFixed Dental PriceOther Dentists*
Teeth Whitening Kits$299Save Up to $100's
In-Chair Teeth Whitening$499Save Up to $100's

*Other dentist prices sourced from Dental Fees Survey Private Practice Members November 2020 by Australian Dental Association



Interest-free Payment Plans

Helping you to manage the costs of your dental treatment

At Fix Dental Brisbane, we know many people put off a visit to the dentist for fear of unknown costs, or unexpected expenses. That’s why we offer interest-free payment plans.

Our comprehensive range of dental services have low fixed prices, with payment options to suit your budget. So you can plan ahead and know what your dental treatment will cost without any surprises.

Interest-free Payment Plans For Dental Work

Our flexible, interest-free payment plans help you manage your dental treatment and costs so you can proceed with your dental treatment without the added stress of worrying about managing costs that you haven’t budgeted for.

During an initial appointment, you may be informed you will need further dental treatment. Whether your treatment is planned or unexpected, we help you manage the cost of your treatment so you can plan ahead.

Fix Dental Member Program

For a one-off initial joining fee and low monthly membership fee (minimum 12-month membership^), you receive:

  • 2 FREE Dental Check-ups and Cleans per year
  • 10% discount on dental work
  • Priority same day dental emergency appointment

Accessing Your Superannuation for Dental Work

Many of our patients aren’t aware that their options for paying for dental care can include their superannuation. In certain cases, some patients may need funding to cover the cost of their dental work including orthodontics, implants, crowns, braces and dentures.

Learn how to start the process of Early Release of Superannuation for dental work here.

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