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Your smile is the focus of your face. It's how your personality shines through. At Fix Dental Brisbane, we believe in bringing out the best in everyone's smile. We offer a range of services designed to deliver the best possible smile to all of our customers. Our Cosmetic Dentistry services involve an in-depth examination of your existing dental situation and a determination of the right treatment regimen to deliver you results that will make you smile. Delivering great smiles at low prices is what we're all about. Everyone should have the opportunity to be proud of their smile without paying extremely high fees. We design our treatment plans to be affordable for your budget, ensuring you get the treatment you need at a price you can afford. You can view some of the past work we've done for clients who needed significant work done on their smiles.

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Porcelain Veneers for Worn-Down Teeth

This patient was an absolute breeze to work with. She came to us with complaints about her worn-down teeth. Worn-down teeth are a common dental issue that we work with. This includes teeth that have been worn-down through normal use, but more commonly is a result of teeth grinding, often while patients are sleeping. This patient wanted to address her worn-down teeth, improve their shape and colour and have a more youthful appearance overall in her smile.


Our treatment procedure was straightforward. Considering the state of her teeth, we immediately recommended crowns and porcelain veneers. This would add volume to the teeth, making them appear far younger and healthier. Further, it would also ensure a more even, consistent appearance, particularly with regard to colour. Once our work was complete, it was fantastic to see the difference. A great big smile, a more youthful appearance, and a very happy patient

Smile Makeover with Crowns

At Fix Dental Brisbane, we’re all about putting the smile back on your face. Not all clients need extensive dental work to produce a great result. However, some patients do require several procedures to get the results they are looking for. This patient had gone through a slew of dental treatments throughout the years, addressing minor issues but failing to get to the root of the problem and produce the results they desired. They had heavily filled teeth with composite facings that had become stained and chipped over the years. They wanted something more aesthetically pleasing and longer-lasting.


Our solution was simple. We applied crowns with correct smile design, designed to fit their facial structure and blend perfectly. We changed the colour of their teeth and the shape, and in the process also strengthened those teeth which had been heavily filled.

Tooth Implants and Crowns

This patient was concerned with the appearance of their missing teeth and wanted a long-term solution. We were able to correct the issue of missing teeth with single tooth implants. With these in place, we applied crowns to all of their front teeth and colour-corrected to be consistent with the rest of their teeth. The result was a completely new smile.


Single tooth implants are a great solution for those who have a single damaged tooth that’s affecting their smile. We can colour-match to ensure that your tooth matches the surrounding teeth in appearance. For patients with more extensive damage, denture retention implants may be required. These are a great solution for those who have difficulties with ordinary dentures’ and would like something more stable. For more advanced requirements, we offer All-on-4 Implants. These allow you to attach your full set of dentures to simple anchor points in the upper or lower arch. It’s a great solution for anyone who has struggled with normal dentures in the past, or need a more permanent solution.

Teeth Veneers for Worn-Down Teeth

This patient came in concerned about their worn-down teeth and discolouration across their front teeth. In order to address these problems with a permanent, relatively low-cost solution, we recommended composite resin veneers. We used the veneers and build-ups to replace some length in the worn-down teeth and to change their overall shape and colour.


Our Teeth veneers are a perfect solution for broken, chipped or discoloured teeth. We provide teeth veneers in either porcelain or composite resin. Porcelain are more expensive, but will likely have a longer lifespan and are more resistant to staining and discolouration. If you choose porcelain veneers, you can have the option of 6, 8 or 10 veneers, depending on how wide your smile is and how much consistency you need across your teeth. Resin veneers have the advantage of requiring less initial work on the base teeth (and are much cheaper) but will likely require more maintenance. We offer composite resin veneers as a service for 6 teeth, a great solution for someone searching for a lower cost alternative.



Infection and Worn Teeth

This patient initially presented to us with a list of complaints about their teeth, some of which were causing them ongoing pain and difficulty eating. They had severely worn down teeth and had begun to show signs of infection. This is obviously worrying to us, as infection in the teeth and gums can have severe health consequences. The patient was also concerned about their “gummy” smile and wanted a solution that would allow them to smile in confidence.


Our treatment procedures included crowns and a bridge to return stability and usefulness to the teeth. We also performed crown and gum lengthening to ensure that the patient’s smile would last a lot longer into the future and also be generally more aesthetically pleasing. The overall result was outstanding, and allowed our patient to walk out knowing they could smile in confidence.

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