All-on-4 Implants

What are All on 4 implants?

The All on 4 dental implant technique is where the upper or lower set of teeth are replaced with just four implants. These four Implants act as a support mechanism for the placement of a new set of fixed teeth.

If you want to achieve an even higher level of support than All on 4 implants, our dentists recommend 6 implants. The All on 6 technique is a variation of the All on 4 implants technique based on the same concept but using six implants that are placed in areas of the mouth with the highest bone volume. The All on 6 process is equally as permanent as the All on 4 implants however it offers more support with more implants available to distribute the stress placed on the jaw.

All On 4 Implant FAQs

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a metal post that is implanted into the jawbone where a tooth used to be. It works to maintain your bone level and provide a solid foundation for a crown or bridge to be placed on top of.

Why are full mouth dental implants recommended?

Dental implants are recommended for people who have cracked, damaged or missing teeth, or who are needing to replace whole arches of their top or bottom teeth.

Are full mouth dental implants painful?

You will feel no pain during any procedure for dental implants such as All on 4 implants, as you will be given an anaesthetic to numb the area.

Are full mouth dental implants safe?

Full mouth dental implants are a safe and effective procedure for replacing teeth. The treatment has been offered for over 30 years as the implants fuse well with bone and function as normal teeth.

How long is the recovery period for full mouth dental implants?

Most people will feel back to normal the next day. The complete healing of your jawbone and gum tissue takes approximately 3-6 months however you don’t continue to feel pain or discomfort beyond around a week.

What happens if you don’t get a dental implant after it’s recommended?

If you delay or opt out of replacing your missing teeth you will likely experience bone loss and also over eruption of the opposing tooth. This will impact you later if you choose to have implants, as you will need bone grafts before having the implants fitted which increases the cost of the treatment and the healing time needed. If you have over-eruption you may also need to have treatment on the top tooth to make restorative space.

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