Dental Crowns

Reasons you may need a crown

You may need a crown if you have the following:

    1. Root canal teeth: after root canal therapy the tooth becomes quite brittle and thus much more prone to cracking. A crown would provide strength back to the tooth and also a better seal around the whole tooth preventing bacteria getting back down the root canal system.
    2. Heavily filled teeth: teeth that have large fillings in them are much more prone to hairline cracks and breakage. When you chew, the walls of the tooth microscopically flex around the filling and over time this will lead to fracture of precious tooth structure. A crown aims to hold the entire tooth together making it stronger
    3. Discoloured teeth: If you have teeth that are discoloured or you are not happy with the appearance of them then a crown may be the best solution. A crown covers the entire surface of the tooth and can be shade matched to blend in with all your other teeth.

To provide a strong long term solution for this a dental crown can be placed. The old fillings are removed from the teeth making them decay free, a strong core is placed and a cap is bonded to the whole tooth in order to hold the tooth together and prevent it from breaking.

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Dental Crowns FAQs

Are dental crowns permanent?

Crowns are relatively permanent as they don’t need to be removed for cleaning as dentures do. An average lifespan of a crown is 10-15 years.

Are dental crowns worth it?

Dental crowns are a very worthwhile investment if you need a long-term solution to fix your teeth. Crowns offer the same strength, durability and functionality of your natural teeth and have a much greater longevity than less expensive solutions such as fillings. The cost for our standard crowns is $999, which is one of the lowest prices in Brisbane.

How long do dental crowns last?

A dental crown will typically last around 15 years if it is well maintained. If you regularly receive dental check up and cleans, the crown could last upwards of 25-30 years.

Is it painful to have a crown put on your tooth?

Getting a crown is a virtually painless procedure. Your mouth will be numbed before any filling or fitting is done by your dentist so you feel no discomfort.

What is a dental crown procedure?

To prepare your tooth for its new crown, we carefully remove any damaged portion or signs of tooth decay. We then shape the tooth so that a crown can fit over it snugly. A 3D scan is taken using the latest CadCam technology and it is sent to our laboratory where a crown will be made to fit. While this happens, we may fit you with a temporary crown if required. Once your crown is made, you’ll come in for a second appointment and we’ll fit it over your tooth using dental adhesive.

How long does it take to recover from dental crowns?

Patients typically only need a few days to recover from the placement of a dental crown. You may experience some inflammation or sensitivity directly following the procedure which will subside. Warm salt water rinses a few times can also help reduce swelling of the gums.

Are Crowns Better Than Fillings?

Crowns are much stronger than fillings and less likely to come loose and require repairs. If you are needing a long-term tooth solution, a crown is better than a filling.

Fixed Dental Payment Plans

At Fix Dental Chermside and Mount Gravatt, we know that some cosmetic dental procedures (particularly dental crowns) can be expensive in Brisbane. We offer fixed price payment plans that are designed to alleviate some of the financial pressure and allow you to look your best, stress-free. Some features of our payment plans include:

  • Repayment periods up to 18 months
  • Set and forget direct debit payments
  • No additional interest charges
  • Simple setup and no ongoing fees
  • No penalties for early repayments
  • Ability to still access your private health fund


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