Cancellation Policy

Thank you for choosing Fix Dental!

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment with us. At Fix Dental we pride ourselves on our high-quality work and try to keep our prices as competitive and affordable as possible. To pass these savings to our patients the practice must run efficiently. We cannot afford late notice cancellations if we want to continue to keep our prices competitive. Hence, why a booking fee is required to secure any appointments longer than 1 hour with us (and occasionally shorter appointments if required).

This booking fee will be used towards your appointment when you attend your booking. If you have a standard booking and wish to cancel/reschedule your appointment you will need to give us 2 full business days notice. This will allow us enough time to book other patients who are needing our services. (This 2 full business days notice is subject to change depending on the length of time you have booked.)

Unfortunately, if you cancel within 2 business days your booking fee will be used as cancellation fee.

Thank you for understanding.

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