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Affordable, pain-free Wisdom Teeth Removal

We offer affordable, pain-free Wisdom Teeth Removal in our dental clinic. We can assess your suitability for this option – saving you a hospital visit and saving you money in hospital fees.

Wisdom teeth generally erupt between the ages of 17 and 25, and typically there are 4 wisdom teeth – 2 upper and 2 lower. In some cases, people may not have wisdom teeth at all.

For many people wisdom teeth may not cause any problems however in some instances, the teeth can create problems – causing unnecessary pain from overcrowding or impacting the alignment of other teeth in the mouth. And, in some instances, this pain may be excruciating, or even cause infection or decay.

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Pain-free Wisdom Teeth Removal

The dentists at Fix Dental are skilled in the pain-free removal of single or multiple wisdom teeth on site in the dental clinic.

With extensive experience in wisdom teeth extraction, the professional Fix Dental team provide you the reassurance you need, plus there’s no need to visit multiple dental surgeries and practitioners to provide the treatment you require.

Whether it is a planned procedure, or an emergency dental situation, Fix Dental offers wisdom teeth removal using modern pain management treatments and local anaesthetic, minimising any pain during the procedure and any undue side effects from the treatment.

Wisdom Teeth Removal at Fixed Prices

Our Fixed Price Wisdom Teeth Removal services and interest-free Payment Plans help you manage your dental costs without the hidden surprises.

Plus, benefit from additional savings of up to 20% across all of our dental services when you join our Fix Dental Member Program.

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