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Full Arch Porcelain Reconstruction

Are you too embarrassed to smile because you have missing, damaged or worn teeth? Do you find your teeth are sore or loose and cause you pain when you bite down? These are all serious teeth issues that plague Australians daily, causing them to withhold their smiles and be constantly aware of their imperfect teeth.

At Fix Dental we believe every person should be able to smile without reservation. You deserve to be able to eat your favourite foods without worrying about breaking or damaging your teeth, or laugh with your friends without having to cover your mouth. Unfortunately, sometimes no matter how often you brush, floss or gargle, your teeth will continue to break down.

If you find you have any of the following teeth issues then a Fix Dental mouth restoration service could be perfect for you:

  • Worn down teeth
  • Not showing enough teeth when you smile
  • Teeth are breaking apart or fillings keep breaking
  • Bite feels uneven or collapsed

If any of those teeth problems sound like your situation you’ve probably been dreaming of that full smile like you used to have. You might be thinking about cosmetic veneers, but while they can make your smile look amazing, they don’t treat your underlying teeth issues and won’t solve your problems. Luckily, we offer full arch porcelain reconstructions which will make your smile look perfect and fix the problem at the source. Using this method, we can give you back your smile and most importantly, a full arch of functioning teeth.

The benefits of full arch mouth reconstruction can include:

  • Improved chewing and a more comfortable bite
  • Protection of teeth from further cracking, wear, and damage
  • A beautiful smile – which can be completely personalised (and can look as natural or as perfect as you desire)
  • Restoration of lip support and facial support
  • Speech improvement
  • Enhanced gum health
  • Improved social confidence – no more hiding your smile or avoiding eating out

What is a full arch porcelain reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction refers to restoring and/or replacing all of the teeth in a patient’s mouth – while carefully considering the smile, bite, speech, facial support, jaw joint health and longevity of the result.

This involves placing porcelain crowns/bridges on 12 teeth in a single arch (either upper or lower). This will fix any misalignment in your bite, strengthen broken down, heavily filled or severely worn teeth whilst also giving you a new smile.

This treatment aims to fix:

  • Misalignment in your bite
  • Porcelain addition to build up your teeth and your bite for wear
  • A mismatched smile
  • Strengthen broken down or heavily filled teeth

We all deserve to have a nice smile that we are proud of and we all need functional teeth in order to eat our favourite foods. At Fix Dental we offer full arch mouth reconstructions at a fixed price as a transparent solution for you.

12 teeth porcelain reconstruction: $13782

Other treatments that may be required including:

  • Posterior root canal: +$1200
  • Anterior root canal: +$699
  • Posterior implant: +$3000
  • Anterior implant: +$3501

To guarantee you receive the best and most comprehensive care possible, our dental specialists will work as an experienced team to provide the full spectrum of treatment required both before the definitive restorations can be placed and during the restoration placement.

During your consultation, our dentists will thoroughly examine your oral health and need to determine the best combination of procedures for you and advise you of all costs associated with your treatment.

If you have missing or damaged teeth and are wanting a full restoration of your smile then talk to our team today. Call us on 07 3343 8488 or book an appointment online.

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