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Need an Emergency Dentist at an affordable price?

Our Emergency Dental Service provides affordable last-minute
dental services at low, capped prices.

Dental emergencies may occur as a result of a sporting injury or simply from biting into something you’re eating. Whether you have a bad toothache, a chipped or broken tooth, or have even knocked out a tooth, we understand that these situations can arise at any time.

Fixed Price Emergency Dental Treatment

Our competitively priced emergency dental service offers great value if you’ve broken, chipped or have a painful tooth. We’ll alleviate your pain and fix the broken tooth by either filling the tooth, removing the tooth (excluding wisdom teeth) or placing a temporary dressing in the painful tooth. All for one fixed price.

And, we endeavor to find you an appointment time at short notice so you don’t have to suffer from undue discomfort or pain. We also offer priority booking for emergency dental for patients who join our Fix Dental Member Program.

What to do if a tooth is knocked out

If you have knocked out a tooth, it is important to handle the tooth correctly to keep it as clean and hygienic as possible.

The tooth should be held by the ‘crown’ (the exposed end), not by the base or root as this may damage cells necessary to aid bone reattachment.

Gently clean the tooth by rinsing in water or milk and if possible, gently place the clean tooth back in the tooth socket to keep it moist. Alternatively, if this is not possible, wrap the tooth in a clean cloth and immerse in milk or saliva.

Contact us as soon as possible to arrange an emergency dental appointment.

Emergency Dental at Fixed Prices

Our Fixed Price Emergency Dental services and flexible interest-free Payment Plans help you manage your dental costs without the hidden surprises.

Plus, benefit from additional savings of up to 20% across all of our services when you join our Fix Dental Member Program.

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