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Single Tooth Implants

Single tooth implants are suitable where damage is isolated to only one tooth and it is preferred to retain the surrounding natural teeth where possible.

What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is a fixed tooth replacement option. It is a permanent solution which replicates your natural teeth.

The implant consists of a rod, made from titanium, that is inserted into one of your jaw bones. It is integrated with your natural bone structure and a prosthetic tooth, Crown or Bridge is placed on top.

In addition to looking and functioning like a natural tooth, a single tooth dental implant will replace the root, helping to preserve the surrounding bone.

Dental Implants and Single Tooth Implants

What is the best option for me?
Depending on the circumstances of your specific dental issue, a single implant may be more suitable than a Crown or Bridge.

Our team of dentists are highly qualified and experienced with all types of dental implants and your dentist will discuss the treatment options available for your particular situation and budget including the advantages and disadvantages specific to your case.

Our goal at Fix Dental is to help you maintain your smile so it can look its best and stay strong for years.

Dental Implants at Fixed Prices

Unlike some general dental practices which send patients on to another specialist dentist, our highly qualified and experienced team of dentists are trained to place these implants, so there’s no need to visit multiple dental clinics to provide the services you need.

We offer these specialist dental implant services on site at Fix Dental, saving you the hassle and the extra costs of undergoing these procedures in a specialist dental surgery.

Our Fixed Price Dental Implant services and interest-free Payment Plans help you manage your dental costs without the hidden surprises.

Plus, benefit from additional savings of up to 20% across all of our services when you join our Fix Dental Member Program.

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