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Affordable dental implant options

Dental implants are suitable for a range of dental issues.

If you have missing teeth – as a result of injury, poor dental hygiene, or dental extraction, it can not only impact your smile and the shape of your face – it also affects your confidence.

Fix Dental provides a range of affordable dental implant options for our patients including:

  • Implants for a single missing tooth
  • Multiple teeth implants
  • Implants for denture retention including upper and lower teeth
  • All-on-4 treatment – a fixed set of upper and lower teeth

What are dental implants?

Dental Implants are a reliable and long term solution to replace missing teeth and bring back your natural smile. Dental implants  restore the normal function of your teeth – enabling you to eat without issue and avoid any impact on your speech whilst also
maintaining good oral health standards.

Teeth implants are stronger than dental bridges and easy to clean,
unlike dentures which have to be removed for adequate cleaning.

Speak to our qualified and experienced dental team for more information.

Affordable dental implant procedures

You’ll be required to have an Initial Consultation appointment to ensure you are a suitable candidate to undergo the procedure. Our team of dentists are highly qualified and experienced with all types of dental implants and your dentist will discuss the treatment options available for your particular situation and budget including the advantages and disadvantages specific to your case.

Following your Initial Consultation and agreement of your procedure, the initial stages of the treatment will involve placing the implants, which look like screws or cylinders, into your jaw and allowing time for the implants to bond with your natural bone. Temporary teeth replacement options can be worn over the implants during this stage.

Subsequent appointments will involve attaching your replacement teeth which will have been specifically crafted and created for you by your dentist, designed to blend in and match your remaining natural teeth.

Following each stage of your procedure, you’ll have time for your gums to heal and as Fix Dental employs the latest technology for our procedures, you’ll have a quicker recovery, improved smile and restored confidence sooner than you think.

Improving your dental implant experience

The Fix Dental team employs the latest 3D technology with our 3Shape digital scanner enabling us to provide a range of affordable dental implant options for our patients combined with an improved patient experience.

The 3Shape scanner allows your dentist to use computer-guided navigation to undertake your procedure via keyhole – which means your dental procedure is more accurate and less invasive, minimising pain. Our advanced implant dentistry techniques eliminate the need for an incision, and as a result there is minimal bleeding and swelling and no need for stitches.

This not only improves your patient experience – it also helps to speed up your recovery so you can get back to what you enjoy doing, and eating – without any undue pain or discomfort.

Single Tooth Implants

Single tooth implants may be suitable where damage is isolated to only one tooth and it is preferred to retain the surrounding teeth where possible.

It is a fixed tooth replacement option, basically a permanent solution which replicates your natural teeth.


Multiple Teeth Implants or Bridges

Implant bridges may be suitable when you are missing more than one tooth – usually this is suitable for those needing 2 or 3 teeth restored.

The implant and bridge restoration will be integrated with your existing bone structure and will be designed to fit in with your remaining natural teeth.

Denture Retention Implants

Implants for dentures are suitable for those who find dentures challenging and constantly moving.

Denture implants help to stabilise your dentures, enabling you to eat more easily and function better, offering more support.

All-on-4 Dental Treatments

All-on-4 treatment is suitable for full mouth dental restoration with 4 implants placed in either upper or lower arches and being able to support a full arch of upper and/or lower teeth.

The availability of this option depends on the suitability of the existing bone structure in the jaw.


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